What Did Josh Rosen Do In A Former Life To Deserve This?


This is so absurd if you're Josh Rosen. Most first round quarterbacks get drafted, learn some, maybe sit behind a veteran for a year, and then get their chance in the league. But Josh Rosen has to be the most unique case of a quarterback never getting that chance. His career has been completely derailed, you gotta start feeling bad for the guy.

He was taken 10th overall by the Cardinals. 10th! He played some for the Cards his rookie season, finishing with 11 TDs and 14 INTs, pretty standard stuff when you're a rookie QB on a bad team.

But then, Kyler happened. Or I guess more specifically, Kliff happened. And you can't blame them. When you have the chance to take Kyler Murray, you gotta take Kyler Murray. (Also, we still don't talk about how he was a first round pick in the MLB draft too. He's a one in a trillion athlete.) 

So Rosen is traded to Miami, where he plays a few snaps, but sits behind Fitzmagic the entire time. Which is fine. He was learning, getting his practice reps in, preparing to be an NFL quarterback.

And then the Dolphins took Tua! And again...can you blame them?! What a tough break, AGAIN. 

And so now the Dolphins are going to try and move Rosen. Poor fella. I cannot remember a 1st rounder who has bounced around this much since your mom.

The thing is, we have no idea if Rosen is good, or can be good. He hasn't been with an offensive coordinator longer than a cup of coffee to find out. It's remarkable how unlucky his career has been thus far. He must be looking around like "what the fuck, man? What the fuck".  

It's not even fair to call Rosen a bust because he hasn't even had the chance to unpack his boxes in one city yet to even become a bust. He's just the most unlucky first rounder in quite some time. Kinda rooting for him now. Don't want him to end up as one of Dana B's jerseys.