Big Ten Reportedly Set to Re-Vote on Football Season as Early as Friday

After everything that has happened with the Big Ten, it appears President Trump's call to commissioner Kevin Warren and his declaration that negotiations to have Big Ten football this fall were close — "On the one yard line!" — might not have been far off.

According to Ohio State's 247Sports affiliate Bucknuts, the Big Ten is set to have another vote as to whether or not the league can reverse course and play this fall, with a reported start date of mid-October if the vote were to go differently than the first time, when the schools voted 11-3 to postpone the football season.

Even with all the public pressure the Big Ten has faced, it's important to remember that it isn't the players, coaches or even athletic directors who are voting. It's the university presidents and chancellors, who have doctorates in subjects as unrelated to football as you could find and a vested interest in not having any liability.

The public pressure has made a noticeable impact on the athletic side of things, with Warren being one of the most scrutinized men in America right now, but it's still unknown if any of that public pressure is felt by the conference's Council of Presidents and Chancellors.

While I'm not entirely sure there has been enough to swing five votes, there has certainly been some smoke coming from the Big Ten this week. And it looks like we might have a final answer as early as tomorrow.