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Need A Reason To Love Winthrop (A 100% Real College) Basketball: They Are Pushing To Host A Bubble Event Featuring 16 Major Programs And 4 Mid-Majors In December

ROCK THE DAMN HILL BABY! Winthrop basketball is about to be one of my favorite mid-majors if this happens. UMass fans should forgive Pat Kelsey for accepting the job and quitting right as his press conference started. Why? Because we're getting creative and that's all that matters right now. 

16 high major teams and 4 mid-majors? Love it. And it all counts for nonconference games, proving that we're getting closer and closer to a true real season. From what I've heard it sounds more like we're going to get 26-28 games, so just a few games short of the typical season. I have no idea how this is working with contracts and current games scheduled and what not, all I know is we're seeing examples of different ideas with basketball being played. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! BASKETBALL IS BEING PLAYED. 

I've said it before with the Battle in the Bubble event being pitched in Houston. Give us unique matchups that we don't often get, especially since it sounds like we're not getting the Maui, Battle 4 Atlantis, etc. If we get 16 high-major teams, let's assume they'll take two from the top-8 leagues - SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac-12, AAC and MWC/A-10. Throw Xavier vs Dayton in a game. Throw Villanova vs UNC there. I want to see Howard play with Makur Maker against these types of teams. A mid-major team with a big time star? Put them there. 

PS: Golden Window? Love the term. Golden Hour hits, Golden Window is going to save college hoops. Print the shirts with Bill Raftery's face looking at the window.