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Chris Paul Hates Scott Foster's Guts And Accuses Him Of Being Shady

Anyone who has watched the NBA over the years knew that once we all saw Scott Foster was working Game 7 that something was going to happen. I wouldn't blame Rockets fans for being pretty bullshit over once again getting Foster in a Game 7

There's just too much evidence surrounding Foster to think that he doesn't pull some shit. I remember these same playoffs the Celts having to survive a Scott Foster game against the Sixers when the NBA tried their hardest to prevent that franchise from getting embarrassed. Jayson Tatum had 50 fouls in the first 15 seconds. 

So it's no surprise that Chris Paul is bullshit over Scott Foster and thinks he pulled some wild shit. Of course he did. It's Scott Foster. I love how Paul knows he's going to get fined too. But he does have a point. Why does Foster tell him that? It was a little weird how that whole review went down and given his history you can't just ignore that. It's almost like Foster was like an evil villain or something making sure Chris Paul knew he was going to screw him over one more time. I don't know how he still gets to work these huge games, and maybe the hatred is mutual between these two?

Maybe you think Paul is just being a sore loser, but I'm on his side here. He wasn't saying that Foster's actions were why they lost but it is all a little strange. You can't be intentionally delaying a game so a team can have time to decide to review a play. That's fucked up. Whenever you see Scott Foster or Tony Brothers is working the game of your favorite team you have to expect the worst. It's a problem but the NBA doesn't give two shits about it. 

You know he's going to be working more huge games as the playoffs go on, and if you don't think there will be more drama then you haven't been paying attention.