Georgia Fans Begging Justin Fields To Come Home Is Flat Out Sad

Let us begin with a moment of silence to remember that Kirby Smart and Georgia chose to play Jake Fromm over Justin Fields.

Thank you.

Hahahahahahhahahaha! 130,000 followers? The voice of Georgia fans? And you choose to publicly beg your ex-girfriend to come back to you on social media? Listen, I know that your projected starter and (I guess) Heisman candidate, Jamie Newman, opted out of the season yesterday. But if you think for one second that Justin Fields would come back after reportedly being the target of a racial slur by a baseball player in Athens, then you are out of your mind. Besides, the Buckeyes were practicing in shells yesterday, baby! Big Ten football is coming back!!!

Anyways, folks, Justin Fields didn't start a million signature petition just to play football anywhere this season. He could wait a couple months and take tens of millions of dollars to start playing football in the NFL. No, the reason Justin Fields has basically gone door to door gaining approximately 7.8 billion signatures is because he wants to play for the BUCKEYES this Fall. Do people seriously not understand that? I saw an ESPN "expert" report the other day that he believes Ohio State is protesting the Big Ten cancellation so strongly because they believe they have the best team…..

Uhhh, no doy?

The fact of the matter is that Ohio State has a once in a generation (3rd time in 5 years for the Buckeyes) type team. Justin Fields has about an 87% chance of winning a National Championship AND the Heisman trophy this season, and he knows it. So yes, Ohio State's voice is louder than the rest of them when it comes to protesting the decision to cancel the season. And for what it's worth, their voice should count about 10x as much as anyone else's in that conference. I cannot believe they count Rutgers and Ohio States votes the same? But that's thoughts for another blog. This one is about Georgia and their embarrassing / sad / awkward plea to get Justin Fields to consider coming back for another season.

Oh, and what "Air Raid Offense" are you talking about……? I mean, Michigan averaged more points per game than you last year…..