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ESPN Will Be Airing Interviews With 4 Women Who Say Dan Snyder "deserves much of the blame" For The Front Office Sexual Harassment Culture In Washington



Pro Football Talk - Jeremy Schaap of ESPN interviewed former director of marketing Rachel Engleson, former producer in the team’s broadcasting department Megan Imbert, former intern Alicia Klein, a former intern, and former cheerleader Tiffany Scourby.

According to a press release from ESPN, they “describe a pervasive organizational culture of misogyny and sexual harassment, saying [owner Daniel] Snyder deserves much of the blame.”


I don't know what more we can say at this point. This entire thing is obviously on Daniel Snyder. No amount of changing the team name, hiring new team presidents, or firing the misogynistic underlings will change the fact that this all happen on Snyder's watch for 20 years without him having a care in the world. It all starts at the top and Snyder allowed executives to get away with this behavior for as long as he's owned the team. And now 4 women are on record on ESPN, according to their press release, putting the blame squarely on his shoulders. Fucking right.

Jeremy Schaap's piece will air tomorrow, and I suspect we will hear more of the same type of behavior from the 4 women who are on the record, on camera, as we read about in the 2 previous Washington Post pieces. 

I do not know what it will take for Snyder to be forced to sell, but I hope we are getting close. As I wrote in my previous blog, the NFL could be in for a huge shit storm, as they know (in my best guess) that this isn't necessarily isolated to Washington, but instead a league-wide problem. We have to hope they make an example out of Dan, show this behavior will not be tolerated, and get him out of this league.