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I'm Sure Nets Fans Won't Overreact To Gregg Popovich Putting His San Antonio Home Back On The Market

Here we go! Normally during this time we would be knee deep in free agency rumors and social media monitoring. Well anyone who knows anything about NBA rumors knows that part of the chaos is what people do with their houses. The second you hear something is on the market that's really when the rumors heat up. Remember Kyrie?

He's hardly the only player who has done something like this. I'm just happy that even though the playoffs are still going on we can still dive into a real estate rumor. It makes things feel more normal. 

So why does this matter. Well you may or may not have heard but the Brooklyn Nets are looking for a coach and they have their sights set on Pop. 

Now it's important we also tell the whole story here. Pop has put this house on the market before and has been looking to sell ever since his wife passed away. When you factor that in, this isn't all that surprising, but at the same time the Nets didn't have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and maybe Caris LeVert if they don't flip him for a star. There are also rumors that the Spurs could be blowing it up and moving on from Aldridge and DeRozan. I'm just saying, factor it all in. 

It would be the upset of the century if Pop left the Spurs and a city where he is a legit God only to go coach Kyrie Irving and deal with all the bullshit of the New York media. Why would he want to do that to himself? It's not like he has anything to prove. 

So if you ask me, this is no big deal. This doesn't mean he's heading to the Nets. I think what will be more telling will be what they do with their roster once the season ends. If LMA is traded or DeRozan turns down his player option then I'll start to but some stock into that possibility. No chance Pop wants to fully rebuild at this stage of his career. Those things will mean more than Pop putting a house that he already tried to sell on the market again.