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Julius Hodge Talked For The First Time In A Decade About Chris Paul Punching Him In The Nuts And Said He, Uh, Respects The Move ... WHAT?!?

I'll say this Julius Hodge is a better man than me, that's for sure. You punch me in the nuts like that, I hate you for life. I even get what he's saying. I get the whole Chris Paul is a competitor at all times and will do anything to win - including a swift hit in the dick. Shit, I even love Chris Paul. One of my all time favorite guys to watch play basketball. 

But the man lined up and delivered a haymaker to Julius Hodge's gonads. You don't forget that! I don't care if you're coaching college hoops like Hodge. I don't care if you were a first round pick and played 9 years of professional basketball. A man punches you in the nuts you don't forget. 

What a spinzone for Paul thanks to Hodge though. Oh he doesn't punch dudes in the nuts to just punch them. Oh no he's not even a dirty player! The man just loves competing. He'll compete so hard he'll ruin the chances of you having future kids. That's how much he loves to compete. That's how much he hates losing. That's one of the best spinzones I've ever heard and this site is full of spinzone blogs. 

PS: Crotch Punch as a nickname is funny. Gotta hand it to Julius Hodge there. Crotch Punch Paul coming down the street looking for you.