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Vin Scully Joining Twitter Is Exactly What The Internet Needs Right Now

Welcome to the Thunderdome, Vincent! Seeing Vin Scully on Twitter is like seeing the sun rise on a murder scene.

Living on that digital hellscape has been bad enough and something tells me it's not going to get any better as this election winds into the homestretch. Which is why having the golden pipes of Vin Scully talk about a famous date in baseball or a player or a team is going to be the only thing keeping us sane over the next few months. 

In fact, there are three strict rules Twitter and Vin (AKA Vin's social media team) should adhere to:

1. Vin should be the only person allowed to use the Tweet In My Voice feature

2. Vin should be required to use the Tweet In My Voice feature for every tweet

3. Do not let Vin see any of his mentions. Or his timeline. Or literally anything on Twitter. I want Vin Scully to think Twitter is literally just him talking to his computer screen like its the Creed Thoughts Word document. Let Vin tell his stories with that voice smoother than an LA night so we can get a brief reprieve from the social media storm as we swipe our days/lives/souls into oblivion.

However if shit hits the fan for mankind, I won't complain if Vin gets nuts and unleashes the most controversial shit to ever grace the bird as he paints the perfect picture with his silver tongue and platinum voice. If we are all going to hell in a handbasket, we might as well hear some scandalous shit from Brooklyn to LA that we never thought we'd hear about the in the most pleasant way possible.

P.S. Vin, if you are reading this...

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