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Red Sox Pitcher's Wife Says She'll Consider Divorce If He Keeps Walking Guys

Boston Red Sox reliever Robert Stock has a 7.50 ERA in five appearances tis season, but it was his 0.2 IP of work on Tuesday against the Braves that finally had his wife fed up.

After a fan tweeted that Stock looked like he was "twice-divorced and completely given up on life," to which Stock's wife Sara responded, "0 times divorced, but if he keeps waling the lead-off batter, I'll consider filing."

Damn. Imagine getting back into the clubhouse after giving up 2 ER in 0.2 IP in a 10-3 loss and seeing that tweet. I'm sure his coaches are already not too thrilled and then your wife starts piling on publicly? That's tough.

To be fair, though, you can't walk the leadoff guy. That's a pretty good way to make sure you aren't in the big leagues very long — and in Robert's case, maybe married for very long.

I hope Robert fixes things on the mound and that he and Sara have a very long, healthy marriage. I'm virtually certain she was just kidding, but I'd prefer if he stopped walking people so we don't have to find out.