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It Turns Out The Guy With The Kirk Ferentz Tattoo Also Has A Hayden Fry Tattoo

Earlier we had this




And now we have this





Alright so now it’s starting to make a little more sense.  This guy just loves Iowa football coaches.  Plain and simple.  You get hired to lead the Hawkeyes into battle at Kinnick Stadium, you have a spot reserved on this guy’s body.  Your face is going somewhere.  Doesn’t matter who you are, you’re in.  If Iowa had 10 coaches during this guy’s lifetime than he’d have 10 different tattoos.  It just so happens that Iowa has only had two coaches over the last 35 years so he only has two tattoos.  I dig it.  I was skeptical when there was only a Kirk tattoo but now there’s a theme.  Good for him.  The guy’s sock game could use a little help.


PS- The Kirk tattoo, the way it looks, is ehhhhhhh at best.  The Hayden Fry tattoo though?  A+++++.  That thing looks awesome.


h/t andy