The Cavs Getting Jordan Jumpman Jerseys Is Embarrassing And Wrong

Listen, I'll be the first to say that the Jumpman logo is cool. And I know this is a league wide thing. And I know that there's not one player on our roster that cares that Michael Jordan knocked the Cavs out of the playoffs in 1989 with "The Shot". But the fact of the matter remains that the true fans and people of this city have animosity towards that play and that team. And putting the logo of the city's rival on our jersey is embarrassing. I know there's new age Cavs fans that only know the LeBron Era of success, but to many people in the city, this play is NOT water under the bridge.

Could you imagine putting a John Elway logo on the Browns jerseys? After The Drive and The Fumble? Nah, just wrong. And that's not saying Cavs fans don't respect Michael Jordan. Who doesn't? But real Cavs fans also know that he kept us out of the Finals for years, and it's just silly to turn around and put his logo on our uniforms. I guess he truly does own us.

Read the room one time for me. And yeah, I'm sure this was a league mandate or whatever. But the Cavs, Utah, and Detroit should've banded together and put their put down. I mean, those are basically the 3 most powerful organizations in the league right there. If they don't want to do this, they shouldn't have to. Bad move by the Cavs.

Also, another bad move by the Cavs: I hate LeBron for all of the awful things (2) he has done to me, but the Cavs organization making this video about how Jordan is the goat also seems like a bad move. Like, if you absolutely HAVE to have the logo on the jersey, you still don't have to release this video and crown MJ the goat. As soon as LeBron retires, he will have a statue, probably own the team, and be paraded around like the greatest ballplayer to walk the Earth. Just give it 4 more years til Bronny and him can play together. No need to call MJ the goat now.