PhotoshopSZN Is Over Before It Begins As Donovan Mitchell Will Reportedly Sign A Max Contract With The Jazz

Well that was a nice dream while it lasted!

In all seriousness, I'm fine with this. Latching onto the dream that Rudy Gobert's reckless ass could be the reason the Knicks landed a talent like Donovan Mitchell was exactly what I needed as the entire world crumbled into quarantine together. But now that sports are back and football is around the corner, seeing the Knicks go back to their usual ways of dropping in draft lotteries and crossing potential saviors off their lists is part of slowly returning to normalcy. In fact, I'm going to chalk up this news as a moral victory since our hopes were crushed in September instead of the usual July and Mitchell technically never even hit free agency, which softens the blow CONSIDERABLY. Now us Knicks fans can move on to important things like the draft, how the new front office will shape this roster for Thibs...and Devin Booker because we are all idiots, fucking idiots at heart.

So best of luck in Utah for the foreseeable future, Donovan. Don't worry though, I will keep your Photoshopped Knicks picture handy for the millisecond there are whispers of you being unhappy with the Jazz, Pandemic Gobert, or life in Salt Lake City.