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The Stool Streams VII Picks Are In. $500 Can Be Yours If You Go 6/6

Nearly 14,000 people have entered todays $500 progressive jackpot contest which starts at 2pm. I put out some polls on twitter to see where the public is at and these are the results. Make UR PICKS NOW

Game - 1 Brandon & Nate vs Glenny & Big Ev

The battle of the big boys versus the Brandon & Nate who were part of the longest, most controversial game of Jenga ever played. 


Glenny was none to pleased and will surely be seeking revenge

Poll Results

Glenny & Bev by a little but I think this one could go either way

Game 2 - Ria & Trent vs Vibbs + $20 Chef

Ria is 0-2 in SSS and needs to get the monkey off her back after knocking the last block last game and nearly killing PFT

Vibbs also took the losing block last game and will be looking to get in the winners circle with his indy brethren and Stool Streams rookie $20 Chef

Poll Results

Ria & Trent ftw

Game 3 - KB & Tommy vs Rone & Liz

Liz ALSO took the L last game 

Poll Results 

Who do you have? Make your picks now in the PlayBarstool app and win $500 if you go 6/6