Which Three 2015 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

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Column A (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inside Out, Jurassic World): It is an incredibly easy axe of Jurassic World here. Considering it is the 6th highest grossing movie of ALL TIME (held the #3 spot for a bit too), it is incredibly forgettable. Think I'm bullshitting you? Name three characters from that movie right now. No, not actors. Three characters. That's right, you probably can't! Inside Out is tremendous so it was never going anywhere, and TFA is my favorite out of the sequel trilogy. Like I've said a million times, the individual entertainment value of the first two movies is pretty damn high! But there is just zero cohesion between them. Remember how fucking great that first trailer was, though?

Column B (The Martian, Sicario, Mad Max: Fury Road): Right off the bat I'll tell you that Sicario is untouchable. It's a nearly perfect movie with some of the best action, suspense and character work I've ever seen. That highway gunfight? Un-fucking-real. That leaves the other two, and it's gotta be the Martian for me which sucks. It's my #2 favorite Space movie EVER, but Mad Max is one of the most incredible entertainment experiences I've ever witnessed in a theater. 

Column C: (Spotlight, Room, The Big Short): All three of these movies are great but, in a sense, fairly depressing. The Big Short is probably the least so out of the three and the "funnest" watch so I'll keep it. I'll keep Spotlight because of the great performances across the ensemble cast. Doesn't make Room any less incredible, though. 

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