Jimmy Butler Doesn't Give A Fuck If Giannis Tries To Defend Him In Game 2 Because Jimmy Butler Is Going To Get Buckets

[The Athletic] - Were you surprised last night that Giannis didn’t pick you up (defensively in Game 1)? (If you somehow didn’t notice, this became a social media thing, so to speak, because of Giannis’ answer to a postgame question from our Bucks beat writer, Eric Nehm, about whether he had asked Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer if he had asked to guard Butler)

Uh, no. I’m not surprised. I look at it like this. He is one of the best help side defenders that there are in the league. And that’s what he’s been doing all year long. And I think you can’t get stuck on what we do. I think you’ve really just got to focus on what you do – you’ve been doing it all year. Nah, I’m not surprised. If he switches out…and he’s guarding me, you know we’re going to do what we have to do to still win. But I’m gonna tell you: You’re not going to be able to leave me, so then that’s taking away their weakside defense. So either way it goes, we’re gonna be in a good spot. We’ve got way more guys who can do what I just did last night better than I can do, so we’ll see.

Confession: I'm addicted to Jimmy Butler. I don't even care. He's absolutely hilarious and I love even more how confident he is. No one has more confidence in himself right now more than Jimmy Butler. You think he gives a shit if Giannis - the DPOY - actually decides to defend him in game 2? No, because Jimmy is going to get buckets according to Jimmy. 

And listen, I get what he's saying about Giannis being a great weakside defender. That's true. BUT, against the Heat what does that do for you? They spread you out and put Jae Crowder - the guy Giannis was defending - in the corner/wing for threes. If you put Giannis on Bam, you have him dealing with a post player and someone who can initiate the offense as a big guy and draw him away from the weakside help. More importantly, you put his ass on Jimmy Butler, especially when Butler is in a groove. Let Khris Middleton defend Jae Crowder or another wing. You have to shut down Butler, his ability to playmake and get to the rim is way too important vs putting Giannis weakside. 

Either way, I love Jimmy Butler. This interview was hilarious, considering this is how he starts it: 

Yeah, it’s that asshole over there by the wall. (Heat trainer) Brandon Gilliam, the idiot – the bald one by the wall (laughs). 

I assume Jimmy Butler calling you an asshole lets you know he loves you. I hate how cool and likable this Heat team is. Jimmy, Herro, Bam, shit even Dragic is fun to watch. I need the old schools 90s Heat to come back and really, really hate them again. Stop wearing the cool Vice jerseys. Stop drafting Kentucky guys. Stop being good.