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Rest In Peace Bob Rohrman

I’m not trying to start the auto wars in Chicago because I know everyone has a guy. Personally for Barstool Chicago that’s Napleton River Oaks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. After years of reading their ads as Tony Wasinski I would be devastated if you guys bought a car anywhere else. It’s literally no different than having an Italian Beef guy or a good tailor in that obviously we take this very personally.

That said you have to understand that Bob Rohram auto commercials led the league around here FOR DECADES. The man was as integrated into the local television as Jeff Vukovich and nationwide insurance. Think about that for a second. Rohrman locations erupting with growth on the back of his commercial creativities. The lion roar. The costumes and the pageantry. Always giving the viewer the entertainment we demand during 30 second advertisements in between late night golf channel reruns. The fact I have never met this guy, bought a car from him or have literally any connection, yet I still feel his loss across this city.... that should tell you what you need to know about Bob RoohhhhrrrMAN. One of the great showman’s in Chicago History  

Rest In Peace Bob