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We Have More News About The Start Of The College Hoops Season And I've Never Been More Convinced The NCAA Just Reads My Blogs To Make Decisions

Oh would you look at that. The plan is to start on November 25. Hmm, what have I been preaching? Start the season around Thanksgiving because the majority of campuses are going to send kids home for Thanksgiving break until the start of the second semester instead of coming back after Thanksgiving for Finals. You can create the de facto bubble like we've seen over the summer and really limit who is around the players without going to a real bubble. So you're welcome. I'm pretty sure I'm at least 51% responsible for this idea since I've been preaching it for months. 

We're still going to get bubbles for events though. We're going to get bubbles for tournaments Instead of the actual event being played at the regular gym site. We're going to likely get that Battle in the Bubble in Houston made up of 20 teams in two divisions. We're going to likely get a bubble for the NCAA Tournament. Remember, the most important thing for college athletics this year is to play a NCAA Tournament. It's that much of a cash cow. 

Either way, we're getting closer and closer to a guaranteed season. That's all that matters to me because I'm selfish and don't give a fuck. I love college hoops. It's all I want in my life again. So when you read this Dan Gavitt and Mark Emmert - start it like this. Give us the 28 game regular season that's been pitched. Allow me and others who do nothing but watch college hoops to make up the NCAA Tournament committee instead of AD nerds. I'll make my own committee.