Magic Johnson Tweeted The Secret For The Nuggets/Jazz To Win Game 7 Tonight And, Well, It's Exactly What You'd Hope For

There you have it. The keys for the Nuggets and Jazz to winning are 3 of the other regular starters and a key bench player stepping up. You simply can't win unless that happens. That's just science and facts. Personally? It feels great to have Magic tweeting stuff like this back in my life. I don't care if he tweeted this himself or not. You know this is what he's thinking. Prove him wrong too. If one of these guys don't step up, that's what you're going to hear all about. Oh Donovan Mitchell can't win alone! He needs another offensive player to help him! Oh Nikola Jokic failed in the biggest stage. Michael Porter Jr., isn't ready yet. 

Oh and he didn't stop there. He went specific for the Raptors

And there you have it. Magic spilling the secrets, part of what made him such a great front office guy. Whoever plays better between the Jazz/Nuggets are going to win game 7. If Pascal Siakam scores at least 25 and stays out of foul trouble, well the Celtics are in trouble. Just perfect tweeting by Magic. 

Oh and you should go to Croatia