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Do You Have What It Takes To Dance In This Instagram Model's Tik Tok's?

I gotta say… I do NOT have what it takes to dance with Helga in her Tik Tok's. Have you ever seen me dance? It's pathetic. Take Elaine Benes, multiply that by 1000 and diagnose me with cerebral palsy and that's me on a dance floor. For an athletic freak like I am, I just have no rhythm at all, and because of that, it pains me to say that one of you, and not me, will be dancing with Helga in her Tik Tok's.

Oh and we're also dancing in Verdansk. That city is FUCKED. Like the most fucked a city that has ever been fucked, fucked. Come join the stream after checking in on Helga from your cube from from home station.