Steve Cohen's Bid For The Mets Reportedly Valued The Team At $2.35 Billion, A Quarter Billion Less Than His First Bid In December, And An Agreement May Be Signed This Week

One day I will get tired of putting Steve Cohen's face on Thanos' body. Today is not that day however

Sportico- Steve Cohen’s bid on the New York Mets values the Major League Baseball team at about $2.35 billion, $250 million less than what he had agreed to pay in December, according to two people familiar with the process. Cohen is in exclusive talks to acquire the team from the Wilpon and Katz families, the clearest indication yet that that hedge fund titan will be the club’s new owner. An agreement may be reached within a week, said the people, who were granted anonymity because the deal isn’t signed.

Alternate Headline: Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Cost His Family $250 Million?

So for those keeping track at home:

- Steve Cohen saved himself roughly a quarter billion dollars, which I imagine will go directly into the Free Agent Slush Fund, in exchange for having to deal with the Wilpons' bullshit then bid against a couple of ownership groups who were in wayyyy over their heads

- The Wilpons don't get to stay in control for five more years and completely fuck things up as only the Wilpons can

- Uncle Stevie's signature may be on the most important PDF in Mets history within the next 7 days

Yeahhhhhh, I'm gonna say this is about as good as things can get for Mets fans outside of an actual parade down the Canyon of Heroes as we hammer down cake and punch and ice cold Coors Lights. In fact, you can make a case this news could lead to multiple days like that considering how new ownership has impacted other big market teams.

As for the concern that Cohen may not get the votes from his potential fellow MLB owners along with SNY's future:

Looks like Steve Cohen is about to win yet again while Jeff Wilpon will be stuck eating at the Kids Table at Thanksgiving for the rest of his life. The lesson as always: Don't fuck with the real life Bobby Axelrod.

Now once again, and this will be a common theme in every Steve Cohen blog I write for the foreseeable future, hit the motherfucking music!!!