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Monk The Husky Would Rather Spend The Night In Jail Than Take A Bath




Here’s where Monk, and dogs in general, doesn’t realize how great he’s got it.  You know what are awesome?  Showers and baths are awesome.  You feel a million times better.  You’re clean.  You don’t stink. People aren’t afraid to touch you because you haven’t had water and soap touch your fur for the better part of a month.  There’s really very little down side.  They even feel great while they’re happening despite 99.9% of the dogs out there who pretend like you pouring molten lava on them.  You know what makes shower and baths even better?  When people administer them to you instead of having to do it yourself.  It’s the ultimate.  It’s the pinnacle.  The peak.  If I had that option I’d take every day of the week and twice on Sundays.  Dogs just don’t get it because they don’t know the other side.  It’s like a preschool kid who doesn’t take advantage of nap time. They think nap time is boring and the worst thing in the world until they get a little older and are like, “Wait, so when is nap time?  There isn’t one?  That’s quite literally the worst news I’ve ever heard.”  That’s dogs when it comes to bath time.  Then again, dogs never grow out of the stage where humans stop giving them baths so maybe they know what they’re doing after all.