Wake Up With Cody Bellinger Throwing Out Stephen Strasburg From Right Field

Right fielders throwing guys out at first is maybe my favorite thing in baseball. You rarely ever see one happen live, I can't ever remember seeing one in a game I was watching. It's so damn funny when it happens. Usually it's a pitcher just jogging down the first baseline after being super late and slapping one into right field. They don't want to pull a hammy and just want to get back to the bench. These guys always look like they're running with cement in their shoes, but not Strasburg here, he was MOVING. Bellinger had to come up with a perfect throw here and boy did he ever. Even when they showed the replay I wasn't sure they got him, but man I'd love to see the veto on that gun. Absolute rocket right to first to get him at first AND preserve the no-no.