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Baylor Is Now Partnering With Student Influencers To Promote Their School (And COVID-19 Response)

This thread caught my eye yesterday on Twitter. Yeah, I know, shocking that two college girls caught my eye. Classic Barstool amiright. 

Anyways, I guess these two young laaaaaadddieeeesss found themselves with a case of COVID-19. A truly awesome post to let everyone know that you have COVID.

You gotta respect how positive these two are:

So here we are. Positive for corona! #2020 It’s not exactly what we had imagined it to be, but it’s different for everyone.

If you go look at the caption above, you will see that Bailey and Brooklyn were over the top complimentary of the Baylor coronavirus plan. You may be wondering, why do these two influencers care? Well, you gotta keep your sponsors happy!

Liberty has to be kicking themselves that they didn't think of this first. The newest form of propaganda is controlling your own student body through Instagram influencers. 

It is funny that Baylor can pay their own students to promote their school (which, by the way, I am fine with), but if they did the same to one of their student-athletes? NCAA would throw a FIT.

P.s. If Brooklyn And Bailey don't have a show/mini-series about them at Baylor it's a huge missed opportunity for a great alliteration name. Brooklyn And Bailey Take Baylor.