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The Legend of Bob Nightengale Being Wrong About Everything Continues - This Time With Mike Clevinger and the San Diego Padres

Few hours later...

The fact that Bob went out of his way this time to go all caps "NOT the #Padres who appear no longer to be the favorites" is one of the best Bob moves we've seen to date. No one was asking him to count out a team here and he says you know what San Diego has no chance with Clevinger I'll take care of this right here and now. A little over 12 hours later and Sunshine is heading to Slam Diego. Truly remarkable. 

I stopped trying to understand the Nightengale mush a long time ago. I just embrace and accept it. Whatever he tweets will be wrong. He continues to be paid by USA Today to just be the laughing stock of the baseball reporting world. He never acknowledges how wrong he is, he just keeps chugging along trusting his sources that have been punking him for at least a decade now, and deceiving the world who aren't aware of his tricks. 263 THOUSAND people follow this man on his path to incorrectness. It's addicting. 

I didn't plan on having kids, but I might just have some to tell them the legend of Bob Nightengale one day. I want Bob to tweet that the sun will rise in the morning one of these days to see if he can single handily end the world. 

If you need refresher on Nightengale's history look no further than here or here

P.S. Sorry in advance to the Padres for their impending collapse.