Calcium Intake Doesn't Get Any More Rad Than Tony Hawk Pulling Off A McTwist While Holding A Glass Of Milk

Confession: I made the switch over to almond milk a few years ago and haven't looked back since. Not only do you not have to guzzle down cow tit juice anymore, but the taste is better too. By all accounts, almond milk is simply a superior product. That is, of course, until this very moment. Because as great as almond milk may be, it simply cannot compete with how rad Tony Hawk just made regular milk. 

You ever see anybody pull off a McTwist with a glass of Almond Breeze before? Didn't think so. Checkmate. Regular ass whole milk is officially more gnarly than almond milk, unless somehow almond milk decides to respond within the next 48 hours. Maybe they can get Bucky Lasek to pull off a Christ Air without spilling a drop or something like that. 

By the way--the new Tony Hawk game comes out later this week. Not to brag or anything but I'm already better at it than you.