Stool Scenes Clip of The Week: Feet from Greatness, The Marty Mush Story

The Stool Scenes clip of the week comes courtesy of Martin Archibald Mush who was a made his "pro" baseball debut for the New Jersey Jackals last week. 

Allow me to set the scene for you guys. It's a blustery late summer evening in Little Falls, New Jersey. The hot stick from the day is being slowly eroded by the thunder clouds approaching Yogi Berra Stadium. Everyone in the crowd knows that a rain delay is imminent. But until the moisture actually floods the field, that apparently has no tarps, there is still baseball to be enjoyed. Frank the Tank is in attendance. Yogi Berra Stadium is on his Alma Maters campus, Montclair State University. He's launching Amed Rosario jokes like they are going out of style. The crowd is loving it. And just as the thunder heads begin to make their final advance, Marty Mush steps into the batters box. Will he be able to do the impossible? Will the life long loser be able to get a hit off of a "pro" baseball pitcher? The first pitch is a missile right down the middle and Marty is able to get a sizable chunk of it and this sends a shock wave of confidence through the peanut gallery. Could he actually do this? The next pitch blows right by him, not even close. He's now facing an 0-2 count but everyone and their mother knows he's swinging at this next pitch. It's all on the line here. Marty vs. some random pitcher from the New Jersey Wise Guys. Who will prevail?

Tragic. To come so far and miss by such a small margin is what makes sport so addicting, but also so tragic. 

Watch the full episode here: