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The Jaguars Released Leonard Fournette At 7:20AM And The Bears Still Haven't Signed Him Yet


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Why haven't the Bears signed him yet?

The Bears running back group currently contains one guy who is out for a month with a bad groin, one guy who is really a slot receiver, an undrafted free agent is really more of a fullback, and a Corderalle Patterson who is a converted wide receiver. The talk of the Bears training camp has obviously been about the QB situation, but sneaky scary little storyline is that they are thin at DB and they have virtually NOTHING at running back. Now, Matt Nagy, self-proclaimed non-idiot, should know at this point that he can't throw the ball 54 times with Mitch Trubisky. And if you're going to be looking for more balance in the offense then Mitch Trubisky/Nick Foles needs to have someone standing behind him that he can turn around and hand the ball to. Something to think about. If Leonard Fournette is available he should be coming to Chicago to split carries with David Montgomery once Monty is healthy. Especially if the Bears can get the LSU version of Leonard Fournette. That guy was sick.