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A 67-Year-Old Woman Was Kicked Out Of A Bingo Hall For Not Putting A Mask On The Breathing Hole In Her Neck

TORONTO -- An Ontario woman battling lung cancer, who breathes through a hole in her neck, was kicked out of her local bingo hall because her breathing hole wasn't covered with a mask, her son says.

"She was told to leave by management if she didn't cover up the hole on her neck," her son, Joe Gilbert, told CTV News Toronto on Sunday. "She explained that was impossible to do. That's how she breathes."

Gilbert said his mother was embarrassed and didn't want to create a scene so she voluntarily left. He says when she got to the parking lot she started crying.

"Just plug up your trach hole, Karen. Come on" - The bingo hall worker

But listen, I don't know the mask laws in Canada off the top of my head, and I certainly don't know if the requirements to cover your nose and mouth also apply to a tracheostomy. HOWEVER, I can unequivocally say that any woman battling lung cancer and has to breathe through her neck has absolutely no business being out and about during a global pandemic. I mean when we're talking "high risk category", there literally isn't a group higher than the one this lady is in. The next category past hers is dead. And that's why I side with this woman in this situation. She's so addicted to gambling that she's willing to go out amidst the coronavirus with lung cancer just to get her bingo fix. I LOVE the idea of this lady just saying, screw it, this is how I'm going to live my life. My friends are all down at the Bingo Hall, so I'm going to be down at the Bingo Hall. And if I don't make it out alive, then at least I went down doing something I loved.

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This is the type of effort we need from the Barstool Bets crew. She doesn't just like to gamble. She lives to gamble. Literally breathes it. The story says she "doesn't leave the house much these days unless it's to go to the casino or to play bingo". And when the weather cools down a little bit, you might see her out at the horse tracks. Nothing crazy though, that's all.

Now -- just because I side with her does not mean I can't ask questions. And maybe I'm a big dummy here, but why can't you put a mask over a hole in your neck…..? You can put a mask over a whole in your mouth and still breathe? "That's how she breathes!" Uhhh, is the mouth and nose not how we breathe. Just saying, I'd consider that a valid question from the minimum wage employee down at the bingo hall. But either way, I am NOT siding with the establishment that kicked her out. I'm siding with the lung cancer patient that still went out during a global pandemic because she needed her bingo fix.