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'That's Got To Be One Of The Worst Golf Shots In The History Of The Sport'- Justin Thomas At The BMW Championship

That right there is one of the biggest differences between the best golfers in the world and weekend hackers like us. Justin Thomas called that one of the worst shots in the history of golf and it landed in the middle of the green. A splendid shot by my estimation. Not even joking when I say that would be one of the best shots I've ever hit in the history of my golf game. If I get anywhere near the green on a par 3 I'm the happiest man alive. Hell, if my ball gets airborne on a par 3 tee shot I'm the happiest man alive. Like I said, that's one of he MANY differences between guys like Justin Thomas and guys like us. Because when I hit a shot that's one of the worst in the history of the sport, it is a whole lot uglier than what JT did.

With all that said, we need JT to be mic'd up every tournament. He's fantastic.