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The Nightmare Yankees Season Manages To Get Worse By The Minute

 I truly do not understand what’s happening anymore. 7 losses in a row. Two to the Mets in one day. Every day gets worse and worse. I sit here in disbelief. Utter shock. How? I don’t care how many injuries you have, the Yankees had six outs to go in Game 1 and three to go in Game 2. I mean when you’re winning games late you should ideally win those games. Seems simple enough. I guess not. Fuck me right? Chad Green in the first, Chapman in the second. 

This isn’t fun and I don’t know when it’s going to stop. I thought a sweep at home to the Rays was rock bottom. That is clearly not the case. This might not even be it. I don’t know what I’m watching. I am legit depressed watching this team play baseball. I’m dead inside. This is a sick joke. We don’t deserve this. Put me out of my misery. 

Figure it the fuck out, I mean they just got walked off on their own goddamn field. What the fuck is that? 

P.S. if Tommy could stop tweeting like forever I’d be all set

P.P.S. Cuncel all 7 inning double headers. It’s not baseball. It’s inhumane.