There's A New App Called Cuddlr That Allows You To Find People To Cuddle With Or Just Get A Hug From

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The Independent- A new app has been launched that enables people to have a cuddle from a stranger. Cuddlr, based on the matchmaking sites Tinder and Grindr, is a sex-free alternative for those who want some human contact. The app matches people with others in their area and they have just 15 minutes to respond to a request. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Cuddlr’s creator, Charlie Williams, said: “On Cuddlr, you get together straight away, have a little cuddle, and then part ways. “If you want to hang out again, you can exchange information then and there – but you already know what kind of cuddles they give. “It is possible to report someone who cuddles inappropriately, and we encourage first-time pairs to do their cuddling in a public place.


I’m all in on this idea.  I’m not on Tinder because I’ve never taken the time to look into what it actually is.  But this Cuddlr app?  I’m all in on.  Here’s something you probably don’t know about me: I’m a hugger.  Cuddling, I can take it or leave it.  But I’m big on hugging.  Nothing better than a good hug.  It’s weird because for the most part, I hate people.  I really do.  They talk a lot about their problems and I never want to listen.  They ask for favors that I don’t want to do.  They just get on my nerves and I’m sure that’s how a lot of people feel.  It’s one of the perks of being a blogger.  I rarely have to interact with the outside world other than people at bars on the weekend and the daily gas station visit.  It’s nice.  But hugging?  Show me a person and I’ll hug the shit outta them right then and there.  No questions asked.  I’m that guy.  Guys or girls, I don’t give a fuck.  Hugs are hugs.  Whatever boundary that macho dudes have where they won’t hug other dudes is something I don’t have.  I hug all of my guy friends upon seeing them.  I’ll hug strangers if they want.  No problem with that at all.  Why?  Because life is too fucking short for high fives.  Bring it in for the real the thing or don’t bring it at all.  That’s my motto that I just made up.  That’s why the Cuddlr app is genius.  There have to be more people out there who like to hug.  Or just need a hug.  Need a hug?  I’m your man.  If you ever need a hug from a large-but-gentle Midwestern man and you see me on the street, let’s hug it out.  It’s not creepy.  We’re all just spinning around on this blue rock in the middle of space together.  Hugs for all.