Get Ready For Celtics/Raptors With All The Hype Videos You Can Handle

Alright so while things are still up in the air at the moment it's starting to seem like Sunday will officially be the day of Game 1 between the Celts and Raptors. Over the last few days I've looked at this matchup pretty much every way possible from a basketball standpoint, you can read those here

well now it's time to shift to a different but equally as important angle. Hype videos. Nothing gets my blood pumping like a good basketball hype video and I figured since it's Friday and there aren't currently games being played today that it was the perfect time to give both fanbases a little juice. Everyone knows that the quality of the hype video that your fanbase puts out 100000% impacts the series. Don't ask me to show my work on that claim, just know that it's true. 

So, because I am fair, we'll do a set from both teams so that all parties can be happy today. We'll go one after the other. This is setting up to be an epic series and I for one cannot wait

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