Casual Reminder From Bo Jackson That He Had The Biggest Hose Of All-Time

Bo Jackson is on twitter and he's using the platform to let people know that there is only one greatest pure athlete whoever lived and it's him. What a fucking freak. I need NASA or the nerds at MIT to analyze this video and tell me exactly how fast the ball was traveling because by my eye test I'd put it at roughly 110 to 140mph. You might say that is impossible but then counter argument to that is "well, yeah,'s Bo Jackson". And then that's it. Created a shadow of a doubt just by saying his name because he's beyond a legend. He is a myth. He's Hercules. Biggest, fastest, strongest, most power, best arm, and he can shoot an arrow with his fucking toes. There's only one Bo and when his highlights pop up every once in a while it should stop you in your tracks. Bo is now on twitter and he wants you to know