Falwell Sex Scandal Update: A Liberty U. Student Claims Becki Gave Him Oral

What a wild week it's been in the public lives of America's first couple of Fundamentalist Christian higher education, Jerry Jr. and Becki Falwell. It started with a former hotel pool boy they met when he was 20 years old claiming Becki approached him to say he shouldn't be hitting on girls his age and should upgrade to a woman with "more experience," and inviting him into the couple's bedroom where Jerry Jr. was waiting in a Speedo to view the proceedings. Jerry Jr. then admitted Becki and the guy were having at it for about six or seven years, but denying he ever did the cuckold thing. He then resigned his job as the head of Liberty University, took a $10.5 million severance and explained why he was sending racy photos to the guy who was banging his wife while Becki asked for Christian forgiveness. 

That's more than most couples of faith go through in this life and the next combined. They've pulled this all off since Monday. 

Well from the sound of it, Becki better ice down her praying-for-forgiveness hands because she's going to be working them a lot for the forseeable future.

Daily Mail - The scandals surrounding evangelist Jerry Falwell Jr and his wife Becki deepened on Thursday when a man, who declined to give his name, came forward to claim he had a sexual encounter with Becki in 2008 when he was a student, according to Politico report published Thursday. ...

In the sexual encounter, the former student said he had finished band practice with the Falwell's eldest son Trey and was at the Falwell home in Cifax, Virginia when Becki allegedly jumped into bed with him and began to perform oral sex on him.

He claimed her husband, the president of Liberty University who resigned this week, was away at the time. ...

He said that he gave in to her advances but rejected her later ones when she pursued him with gifts and chit chat on Facebook messages.

'She was the aggressor,' he said of the relationship. 

The former student said on some occasions he’d stay up drinking whiskey and playing music with Trey and would crash in the guest bedroom of the Falwell’s home next to Trey’s bedroom.

He said on one occasion in either August or September 2008, he stayed over and heard giggling next to him and found Becki in the room, but got her to leave.

A few nights later he stayed the night again at the Falwell’s home and Becki came into the guest bedroom where she climbed into his bed and took down his pants.

'I was like, "uh, what are you doing?"' he said. The man claims she proceeded to give him oral sex. ...

The former student provided screenshots of messages Becki sent him that suggest a flirtatious relationship.

In one message she said: '[Redacted] said that she wants you to cut bangs when you get your hair cut. I think that you are beautiful just like you are. You don’t want to cover up those killer eyes of yours and you know the bandana drives me wild… oh well, do whatever YOU want to do. Now you have my two cents.'

According to Politico after months of chasing the former student she wrote to him: 'Maybe time will heal whatever wounds that I have caused and your Christian heart will allow you to forgive me.' 

He claimed she also tried to contact him on social media using fake accounts where she posed as a blonde North Carolina woman in her early 20s.

'She was saying stuff a 20 and 21-year-old wouldn’t say. [It was] like real Southern charm. Stuff that older people say. And I said [to myself], "Hold up, not only is this an old person, it’s Becki,"' he said.

This is that time when I need to throw out every qualifier I have. Allegedly. Accused. Reportedly. Unconfirmed. That's what the Almighty who has given so much to the Falwell's (except holding them to a vow of poverty) would want me to do. So would the Team Portnoy attorneys. So I'm doing it. These are unproven allegations and nothing more. 

But if there's some truth to them? Becki, you (alleged) minx! Going after your son's buddy (according to him)? And band kid at that? One Stifler's Mom, one part Michelle:

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This Becki Falwell:

Again, big if true. And frankly it is hard to believe the unnamed student is making up. The messages he got from her are pretty damning. The fact he felt so guilty about it tells us he's a pretty devout Christian who's not likely to bear false witness against his neighbor, which is 10% of the Commandments. And besides, band kids who enroll in Liberty U. are not exactly the demo you look at to find the kinds of 20-year-olds who make up stories about getting blowjibber's from their friends' moms. That's not a hotbed of guys bragging about their sexual exploits, for sure. And besides, he's not exactly sounding like he enjoyed the experience as much as he's trying to make his peace with his Lord and Savior. Because being religious is complicated. 

Innocent until proven guilty and all that. But I think we'd all be lying if we deny hoping it's true.