Jeff Bezos Becomes The First 200 Billionaire On Same Day A Guillotine Is Put Up By Protestors Outside His House

Does Jeff Bezos have too much money? I guess? 200 billion dollars is a lot of damn money. I can't even wrap my head around 1 billion dollars, but 200? Sheeesh. I know he doesn't have 200 billion laying around in a bank account somewhere.

On the same day that his net worth passed 200 billion, a guillotine was set up outside his house in DC:

This isn't the first time I've seen this pulled in front of the Amazon creator's house in DC. Each time I see it happen, I'm shocked that you can still find a guillotine in the 21st century. I thought we left that in the 20th century. Where does one even get a guillotine? Home Depot? I guess you could have it built for your protest. 

How many residences do you think Bezos has? I bet he hasn't spent more than 10 nights in his DC house over the past year. He's probably off on some private island with Lauren Sanchez and learned about the guillotine outside his house just like us, through Twitter. 

What a life.