Florida Man's Attempted Robbery Fails When Store Clerk Is Confused by His Note

If you're going to attempt to rob a gas station simply by passing a note to an employee, make sure your note at least makes enough sense to convey what's going on. That apparently is not what happened when Florida Man Khalil Abu Habib Rafsanjoni attempted to rob a Circle K in St. Augustine.

First Coast News — Surveillance video showed him first grabbing a napkin from the hotdog kiosk, then ask the clerk for a pen to borrow. He is seen leaving the business, then reentering and sliding the clerk the napkin, the police report states.

The clerk reportedly read the note and was confused. When another clerk came by, Rafsanjoni grabbed the napkin and placed it in his left pocket before exiting the store, the report states.

Can you imagine going to jail for a robbery you weren't even able to start? I'm actually goig to keep tabs on this case in court, because this seems like a dream scenario to get to argue for a defense attorney. How can this guy be charged with a crime for writing a note that was apparently so far from conveying a robbery that the clerk didn't even know what was going on?

Rafsanjoni may have given up that defense, though, when he admitted to the police there was a robbery that was taking place. The catch, however, is that he said he was the one being robbed.

Authorities located Rafsanjoni and detained him. While doing so, he told deputies that he "was the one being robbed," according to the report.

I'm sure those robbing Circle K gas stations in Florida aren't usually thinking a step ahead, but the best defense here is to just say the store employee was right and you don't even have any idea what that note says. If everyone there agrees the note is inconclusive, case dismissed, Your Honor.

Never put anything in writing, particularly if it incriminates you. But if your goal is to pull off a robbery, at least make sure the people you're trying to rob can understand what's going on.