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Chris Stapleton Has A "New" Song Officially Debuted Today Ahead Of His Next Album Release On 11/13/20

Big news out of the country music world (for artists that I actually care about)...Chris Stapleton released a studio version of this song that he played in a concert last October before the world turned to shit and delayed everything. Everything like his tour which had a few dates at...Wrigley Field. Stapleton would've absolutely CRUSHED it at Wrigley which is an awesome venue for a big time concert. Imagine him shaking the windows across the street with "Parachute". Would've been spectacular and yes I was going to be there. The only silver lining is that we have his next album debuting in the Fall and Stapleton is one of the only country artists better suited for the Fall. He screams Fall. He dropped this little teaser on youtube earlier this week

Between this Stapleton album and Sturgill saying he's releasing a blue grass album this Fall as well, the two kings of Country in my book are going to carry the mail in a big way. We are set up for a nice run through some cold dark days with whiskey and these two. 

PS: Parachute doesn't get nearly enough love. I think it's my favorite Stapleton song