Oklahoma State Gives Us a First Look at What Socially Distanced College Football Stadiums Will Look Like

With most schools playing college football still trying to get whatever number of fans they can through the turnstiles to salvage at least some portion of the lost revenue caused by this crazy season, Oklahoma State has given us a sneak peek at what some stadiums could look like with socially distanced fans.

Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. Assuming schools are able to fill all of their seating — which, at around 25 percent capacity, shouldn't really be a problem for anybody except Vanderbilt — that arrangement at least gives somewhat of an illusion that those sections are mostly full.

It always seemed far-fetched to me that there would be fans at college football games this fall, but as we get closer, it seems like that will be the reality in most places. And to be quite honest, even if it weren't for the fact that nobody has been able to attend a sporting event in this country for six months, I would pay a hefty amount of money to go to a college football game where there aren't 100,000 people packed into a structure built in the 1920s. A Tennessee football game at 25 percent capscity actually sounds like a delightful experience.

College football is coming. There will be fans in the stadiums. All is soon to be right in the world.