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The Cuyahoga River In Cleveland Has Caught On Fire For The 14th Time

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Again?? How? Cleveland, we have to be better than this. I mean, literally, how?

The Cuyahoga River has caught fire for the 14th time in its storied incendiary history and for the first time since the infamous Cleveland blaze on June 22, 1969.

A fuel tanker, reportedly from Holland Oil and Gas, crashed on Rt. 8 near Cuyahoga Falls about 8 a.m. Tuesday. The ensuing fire "leaked into the river via storm drains"

Okay. Let me be the first to call out Cleveland Scene for such a clickbait headline. You would not catching me doing something like that, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my city. Outsiders already trash on Cleveland enough, so to classify this as "the river catching on fire" because a fuel tanker crashed on the highway is straight BS. The great people of this city have worked tirelessly over the last five decades to erase the reputation of having a river so nasty and filled with oils and debris that it literally caught on fire. And now it all goes to waste because the drains that led into the river went up in flames? The media should not be reporting this. Plain and simple.

With that being said, this is not a good visual:

How does water catch on fire? File that under one of the very few things that I don't understand about this Earth.