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Remember The Black Bugers BK Was Set To Release In Japan? Well They Did And They Look Even Worse In Real Life

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Metro- Remember the story we wrote about those black cheeseburgers from Burger King in Japan that nearly 20,000 of you shared earlier this month? Turns out they look much, much worse in real life. The Kuro Burger has been a staple on the fast food giant’s Japanese menu since 2012, but only this month did they add black cheese as an ingredient. The bun and cheese are both coloured with charcoal to create the err, questionable dark and vampy overall look. Since the launch, Japanese diners have taken to social media to show the world what the Kuro actually looks like. Because Burger King’s glossy re-touched image wasn’t bad enough. Basically, imagine a basic hamburger from McDonald’s dropped in drying tarmac and served in a wrapper. That’s your bad boy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this isn’t coming to UK branches as part of some sort of fun autumn menu.


GROSS.  Stop it.  Stop it right now.  We knew when Japan first decided to do this it was a bad idea but now it’s even worse in real life.  No matter what, every fast food item always looks worse in the store than it does in the commercial and the black burger is no exception.  Why would they do this? Are they trying to raise money for some horrific disease or did they just think it would be a funny idea?  Because it’s not a funny idea.  I said it in the last blog but I’ll say it again: Cheeseburgers and burgers are totally fine the way they are.  Leave them alone.  I already feel like kind of an asshole when I eat fast food because it’s terrible for you.  Don’t make it worse by making them looked charred and make me feel like I’m eating charcoal.  Remember back in high school or middle school when the teachers would get everybody together and talk about smoking and how bad it was?  About how terrible it was and they’d show you pictures of a smoker’s lung versus a non-smokers lung to scare you?  Well those burgers look like a smokers lung.  Not exactly the most appetizing thing in the world.  I want my burger to look like a burger.  I don’t want my burger to look like the lung of a person who smokes three packs a day.  Simple as that.