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People Said Jump Ropers Weren’t Bad Ass (Crying Emoji)

Scrolling through the ole Instagram feed this morning and I came across this video. Literally. Couldn’t help it. I saw this video and I stood up to salute like I was a LCpl seeing his first real life Brigadier General. Crisp. Perfect. By your leave good morning, sir. 

There’re certain things in life that, if you do them, you look like a nerd. You jump rope and aren’t like a boxer: nerd. You roller skate but can’t do it with some pizazz: nerd. Fly fishing: always awesome AF.

You essentially crip-walk while listening to hardcore music with nearly JNCOs cascading over some sick sneaks? Buddy, pull out that wiener because in the words of my friends the Power Rangers, “it’s suckin time.”