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Apparently A Bunch Of Players Were Frustrated That The Bucks Didn't Tell Anyone Their Plans Yesterday And That's Why LeBron Stormed Out Of The Meeting

There's obviously a lot of moving parts but we're going to do our best here to get everything on the blog. This is just another report that's contradicting what we heard earlier in the night. Remember we heard that the Lakers and Clippers decided to boycott the playoffs: 

Then there were a bunch of reports that it wasn't a vote and they were just leaning that way. There were reports that the Bucks and Raptors were also going to boycott. And now there's this. A bunch of players across the sport were frustrated the Bucks didn't tell anyone their plan to sit out game 5 against the Magic. Honestly, I get it. They want to show a unified front and with that big of a move there should be some sort of communication across players. Even if it was just the Bucks that decided to boycott a game, there's at least that talk before hand so everyone else has time to talk and decide what to do. 

Now we move to today where there are meetings with players and another meeting with the Board of Governors. Who knows what's going to happen. Like I said before, we know there are no games today. What happens going forward is still up in the air. 

Hopefully we have a bit more of a clear picture after that to talk about.