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Seen This One On PornHub Before: Government Official In The Philippines Got Busted Having Sex With His Secretary During A Zoom Meeting

[Source] - The woman appears to begin to drop her trousers before Estil approaches the camera and seemingly attempts to turn it off. He is then seen walking away from the computer and back towards the woman. As others continue the conference call, the pair can be seen having sex on the far side of the room. After a number of minutes, Estil is seen walking back across the room while pulling up his trousers to rejoin the call.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the damn phone here. What is 'a number of minutes.' You're really selling the story short here. We need to know what a number of minutes means in the Philippines. A number of minutes could be 2 or 20 and that makes two people feel very different. 

But this is everyone's fantasy and nightmare turned all into once. Sex with your secretary/boss? There's a reason that's all over PornHub. There's a reason we see that in movies and shows. Everyone wants to fuck in their office, that's just a fact. I'll call you a liar otherwise. So Captain Jesus Estil (just an A+ name here) is living out his fantasy of having sex with his secretary in the office.

But here's where the nightmare comes in. Getting busted on a Zoom call. Ever since coronavirus hit and everyone is doing virtual meetings, the fear of a camera being on at the wrong time or a mic on at the wrong time is the biggest fear for all of us working. Now if this is a two minute quickie, it's even more of a fear. No one wants to get busted *ahem* busting early. If you're putting on a show, you better be giving it your A game. You gotta hit the moves that people are impressed by. 

That or you know, just don't have sex around the time you have a meeting. Either/or really.