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Barcelona Fans Stormed The Team's Headquarters To Try And Demand The Team President Resigns Because Messi Is Leaving

You know what? I actually side with the fans here. You're losing the star of all stars. A guy who has been with Barcelona since he was like 14 or whatever. You do whatever it takes to prove how pissed off you are. If that's storming the team facilities and demanding the team president resigns so be it? I'd like to do the same with James Dolan but I can't get Clem motivated enough to storm with me. The man will go to Latvia but won't be a lead blocker, some friend. 

I can't stress how big this Messi news is. This is LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami type shit, just via fax instead of a national show. Who sends faxes anymore though? Guess Messi is a Jordan guy. Like I said, he's been with Barcelona for nearly 20 years whether it was the youth or senior team. He's a top-2 player in the world - I'll let you argue Ronaldo/him. He brings in so much damn money for Barcelona, which allows them to spend more money. It's just so massive. 

Who would you storm the team facility for?