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Both The Lakers And Clippers Voted To Boycott The SEASON

Holy shit. Is this the end of the NBA season? How do you go on if two title favorites vote to not play again. When LeBron James, the man with maybe the most to gain by playing says he's out, you have to cancel right? Unless this is like when they all voted for the bubble and it was all about the majority. Even still, when the Lakers and Clippers make a move like this it makes waves. Imagine the bubble continuing without those two favorites. Pure chaos. You remove LeBron and Kawhi from the equation and things open up for a lot of teams out there. 

I can't see that happening. Of all the crazy shit this bubble has brought I can't imagine a world where the league has a playoffs where entire franchises just straight up stopped playing. But you know what, if this is what the players want to do then that's their right. I'm sure there will be pushback especially with LeBron but hey, he did what he felt he could do with his platform to make a difference. He was willing to put his potential title on the line, I respect that.