The Rockets/Thunder And Lakers/Blazers Are Also Boycotting Their Games Today

This is all unfolding in real time so it's a bit crazy, but after the Bucks/Magic got the ball rolling you knew they weren't going to be the only teams to go this route. I imagine we're going to see this for a lot of the games moving forward and I won't pretend to know what the solution is or how long it will last. We do know that the league just came out with this statement

and I'd say there's a chance the bubble games could be postponed for a while. This is an extremely complicated issue with no clear answer so all we can really do is just sit and wait. Does this lead to the playoffs being cancelled all together? Are teams going to boycott every game moving forward? There's just so many unknowns.

Personally, I'm of the thought that whatever the players collectively decide to do is cool with me. Play, cool. Don't play, cool. I'm just not really interested in telling people how they should react or respond to an issue they believe in. Whatever they decide is fine by me. This is a goddamn sport after all. If you want to say that sports should be an escape well big fucking deal. This is real life and sometimes real life intertwines with sports. 

We'll just have to wait and see how this all shakes out