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Want To Win $1,500? Make Your Picks Now! Everything Your Need to Know Ahead of More Jenga Action on Stool Streams V

Yesterday's Cornhole debut gave us plenty of great moments. But in the end, Big Cat, Trysta, and PFT Commenter all swept their respective opponents. But more importantly, NOBODY went a perfect 6-for-6 with their picks, which means the Progressive Jackpot is now a record $1,500! 

That brings us to tomorrow's Jenga contest, which gives us an awesome trifecta of matches. Download the PlayBarstool App now to get in on the action for free.

Match 1 (Caleb/Rone vs. Kate/Ria)

History: Kate beat Rone in our first ever SS match two weeks ago after Brandon Walker pulled the losing block. Ria is 0-1, while Caleb is making his playing debut inside the Triple S.

Storylines to Know: The Walking Wounded - Caleb (toe) and Rone (elbow) will both be participating in this matchup while battling injuries. It'll be interesting to see how the ladies take advantage of that.

Quotes to Remember: "I am fighting a Tennis Elbow after being part of Steven Cheah's pushup club, too much repeated motion. Regardless of that, I'm guaranteeing a win." - Rone

"Ria's got the Tik Tok dance moves, she's limber, she's fresh, and I've got height on Rone for block drops." - Kate

Analysis: As mentioned above, Caleb and Rone not being 100% will certainly play a factor. That will leave it up to their mental game in order to emerge victorious. How aggressive will Kate and Ria be in order to secure the victory?

Question 1 - Winning Team + Losing Block

Question 2 - Total Blocks (Multiple Choice)

Match 2 (Smitty/Billy vs. Big Cat/Jim Florentine)

History: Big Cat 2-0, Jim making debut, Smitty 0-1, Billy 1-0.

Storylines to Know: Billy Football is a huge fan of Jim Florentine's work as a comedian, but will be on the opposite side tomorrow. Smitty is coming off a loss via DQ last week with Glenny Balls and is looking for revenge. 

Quotes to Remember: "We have duos experience with extremely beneficial results, I believe we will fare well. Brothers in battle carries over to brothers in life." - Smitty

"I just pull random blocks and hope the shit doesn't fall. I'm just hoping they'll fuck it up before we fuck it up." - Jim

Analysis: This match is all going to come down to the mental game of Billy Football. We all know how much Big Cat has busted his balls over the years, but the biggest thing I'm interested in seeing is whether or not Billy gets starstruck by being in the same room as Jim Florentine. If that causes a distraction, it could mean game over for he and Smitty. 

Question 3 - Winning Team + Losing Block

Question 4 - Total Blocks (Multiple Choice)

Match 3 (Feitelberg/Kayce vs. Nick/Nate)

History: Feits/Kayce 1-0 as a pair, Nate 1-0, Nick 0-1

Storylines to Know: Feits and Kayce are looking to be the first duo to go 2-0 in Jenga history. Nate looking to solidify his Jenga reputation after picking up a win via DQ last week. 

Quotes to Remember: "There's something going in with Nick at all times. I don't know how to describe him. He's a Jenga savant." - Kayce

"Feits is a really bubbly, giddy boy. Just a few quips here and there and he'll be too big of a giggle puss to focus on what's important." - Nick


Question 5 - Winning Team + Losing Block

Question 6 - Total Blocks (Exact Number)

Lastly, below are the official pull numbers that will be used. This is most important when filling out your picks for Q5 and Q6. Let us know if you have any questions and we will see you tomorrow at 2:00 PM! Jeff D. Lowe and I will be in the booth and PFT Commenter will be our sideline reporter.