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An Ode To My Favorite Pizza Slice In NYC

One of the most important things to do when you move is find your new go-to pizza, wings & Chinese food spots and when Barstool HQ moved to a new neighborhood in 2019 I was immediately on the hunt. Being in the MSG area there's a ton of pizza options but you have to be careful... There's Sbarro's, Pizza Hut Express, 99 Cent Best & Fresh, Dominos... all well & good in a pinch (except for you Sbarro's, I'm sorry) but I wanted convenience of proximity and the real deal. 

Lo & behold, looking out my new desk window I spotted the red awning of Bravo Pizza right down the street. (Good to know you can also get a foot rub after your slice on the 2nd floor.)

Inside was a wide array of slices, calzones, chicken rolls, etc. to choose from but one particular pie caught my eye right away… the glorious, glistening upside-down Sicilian (aka Grandma Slice). It was saucy, sloppy, filthy mcNasty, the crust looked golden-crispity-crunchity, I had to have it… and it was love at first bite. Now whether I'm starving or super hungover or can't decide what I want or I just need a lil comfort food, it's the first choice.

Ever since then (COVID times aside) I've gotten it at least once per week if not more, and always with a medium diet Coke in the perfect takeout cup and 10 napkins. Plus only $5.88… can't beat that for a filling lunch in a city where a small smoothie costs $12.

Today was no exception… Got there late but thankfully there was still a few slices left:

Giphy Images.

Whenever I post it on my Insta or Twitter people reply how gross it looks and that I'm a big dumbface because there's 'way better places around' and I realize it's not the kind of normal slice that El Pres reviews, but in my book it's a 9.8 SO GET OFF ME

My love of the upside-down style probably goes back to staying with my cousins as a kid & getting Pica's on Friday nights… Sauce on top, cheese as the power bottom. Looks weird but don't knock it til you try it.

Speaking of trying it, much like I've considered myself the Johnny Appleseed of the Hippo Fart Explosion and Canon Ball Dookie YouTube videos, I am the same with this slice. If you sit within 50 feet of me at the office I've pressured you into giving it a whirl and will sometimes purchase multiples to bring back & force upon coworkers. 

Think I've even recommended it to every Barstool Gold tour I've passed in the halls and I try to always respond in the DMs to those who ask where it's at. To be honest I've never really tried any of their other stuff (don't need to) but in case you wanna know for when things are back to normal & you find yourself in NYC:

Bravo Pizza, 7th Ave & 30th St. Just wanted to give 'em a shoutout today because in these times where eating your feelings is key, they get the job done. Bravo, Bravo.

- PS, since no one asked… - 

For regular slices my favorite is the famous John's Of Bleecker Street near one of my old jobs. Bonus - walking over to the West 4th St. courts to watch pick up games while I chow down makes for a perfect afternoon.

For hammered drunk eats when I get home from the bar it's a whole plain cheese pie from Astoria Pizza. Guess I'm not doing them a service by posting what it looks like the next morning but my God, in the moment when it's hot & fresh it's that Ninja Turtles style that's perfectly cheesy & droopy… hits the spot.

Alright, enough from me. Shout out your favorites or let me know how disgusting I am!