Lincoln Riley Says Oklahoma Had Almost an Entire Position Group Wiped Out by a COVID Test

With the teams moving forward with college football in the full swing of fall camp, we're at a pretty critical part of the season as it pertains to whether or not we actually end up making it to game day. And with teams conducting tests, one positive can be a big deal for a position group that has been in close contact.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley said Tuesday the Sooners had a position group almost completely taken out by a positive COVID test.

This is my biggest concern for the 2020 college football season. It's inevitable that some players will test positive at some point, whether or not they have symptoms. So if one offensive lineman tests positive on the final of the three weekly tests, is the entire offensive line group which has been in close contact with that player unable to play that week? This seems to be the biggest question facing the conferences and their protocols for what happens when someone tests positive this season.

All three Power Five conferences still scheduled to play seem to have built several contingencies into their schedules which could allow for postponements and make-up games, but if something like this happens to a team on more than one occasion, there could be cause for concern.

With most position groups, it seems likely teams will have to just be flexible and move some guys around at times this season, but if COVID comes for an entire offensive or defensive line room, I'm not entirely sure what the plan is. I'm trusting this issue is being addressed and there will be contingencies for this sort of thing as we draw closer to September and, hopefully, a college football season.

Positive vibes only.